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Revolutionising Energy for Homes 

Discover the only Deep-Tech solution to make any new build home Net Zero.


We are revolutionising  the way a home meets its heating, cooling, and electricity requirements

We are developing a clean-tech energy and heating/cooling solution for new build homes in the UK, by bringing together an innovative full system that utilises low tech solutions with cutting edge technology


Yearly Saving

£2.3 Billion

Market Size




Net Zero 2050

Homes contribute to 18% of the UK’s carbon footprint, heating makes up 79% of a home’s energy use. To reach net zero by 2050 this has to be tackled with renewable energy and dramatic usage reductions.

Energy Crisis

We are experiencing an energy crisis, the average household now pays £1,971 a year on energy bills. With the introduction of the gas boiler ban for new homes and other wider factors this can only increase. To solve fuel poverty this must be tackled.

Housing Crisis

Due to the current housing crisis the UK government is committed to building 300k new homes per year, 145k of which are intended to be social/affordable homes. This combined with the building regulations, and EPC requirements of new homes, a new solution is necessary.


£2.3 Billion


£167 Million


£696 Million


£250 Billion

Total Wider Markets

LUNYX In Numbers


Yearly Saving

Every year

Net Zero

7 Years

PayBack Time




With innovations in multiple aspects of renewable energy we have developed the LUNYX system

More effective solar thermal technology for temperate and cloudy climates the solar thermal is in a form factor that is able to utilise more of the available

space. Novel system utilising state-of-the-art technologies together.

The majority of our system is highly confidential as we are still in the process of obtaining patents, if you wish to learn more please get in touch and we can arrange an NDA




We are partnering with companies who can help us reach our goal, they bring significant value in their specialist areas.

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